San Jose Art Box Project

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For centuries, humankind prospered while entwined with the flora and fauna of their native habitat. The wisdom of nature resounded through the lands with vivid harmony.

Today, due to a well-lit urban sprawl, modern humans are scarcely able to look up to the shimmering canvas above. We can often take for granted the creatures surrounding us, those dependent on an ever decreasing natural landscape. Many have recognized that it is not healthy for our kind to continue down the road of separation, deprived of enlightening experiences within the wilderness.

Enjoy all that the cosmos have mastered. Connect.

At the intersection of Curtner and Cottle in San Jose, CA, as part of the Art Box Project initiative, will stand two boxes that represent the San Jose Native Flora and Fauna offset by urban sprawl:

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Tule Elk, CA Puma, Tule Reeds…

Gray Fox, Western Pond Turtle, Checkered Spot Butterflies, Flame Skimmer Dragonfly, California Plantain, Poppies, Yarrow, Blue-Eyed Grass…

Steelhead Trout, Red legged Frog…

Red-Breasted Sapsucker, Underwing Moth…

California Golden Beaver, Western Burrowing Owl, Black Tailed Jack Rabbit, Western Fence Lizard…

Pacific Lamp Rays, Killdeer, and a Blue Heron.

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