I followed the current toward the bay from my birthplace along the Sacramento River.  I am driven by native creatures, environments, and varying media. A great deal of the supplies that I use are found and repurposed, including: wood templates, wallpaper, and natural materials.

I take what I experience in nature and absorb it through expressive endeavors.

I am learning a great deal from wildlife and California’s diverse habitat; i hope to learn more.


Contact me directly at with any questions or comments.


My associate & husband, Gregory Kerekez, is a wildlife conservation photographer. We are avid collaborators who like to host and participate in creative events. To see what we’ve been generating, visit:




One comment on “Bio.

  1. Julianne Foxworthy says:

    I am struggling to find the right words to describe those owls’ expressions. Sardonic? Skeptical? Haughty? I love them.

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